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All insurance agencies are not created equal. You wouldn't go to a grocery store if it only offered one product, so why go to an insurance company that sells only one type of insurance? That sort of agency works for the company and not for you. The Baker & Carey Insurance Agency is an independent agency dedicated to helping you find the absolute best coverage at rates well within your budget. We specialize in a wide range of policies, including home and auto insurance.

We Represent the Following Insurance Providers:

• Progressive™
• Texas Security General™
• Texas Star™
• Preferred General Agency™
• Affirmative™
• Dairyland™


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Auto Insurance

Driving without auto insurance is not only dangerous—it's illegal. Ensure that you're always covered while driving with comprehensive auto insurance from The Baker & Carey Insurance Agency. Being under-insured can be extremely detrimental to your finances and your health. Thankfully, our friendly experts are here to help you choose a plan that's right for you.

SR-22 Insurance
We offer affordable SR-22 insurance for your convenience. Call our insurance company for additional details.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is mandatory for all bike owners. We offer liability insurance products starting as low as $76.00 annually, providing you with the state required coverage for less.



Additional Progressive Insurance Policies Include:

• Boat Insurance
• RV Insurance
• Commercial Auto Insurance

• Travel Trailers Insurance
• Jet Ski Insurance

Home Insurance

Your home is perhaps your most valuable possession, which is why you need the best home insurance coverage available. We make sure that our clients have the appropriate amount of home insurance for your home. We also offer comprehensive renters insurance plans for individuals currently residing in apartments, condos, or any other rental property. Our experts can quickly determine your rates based on the size of your home, the value, and what type of coverage is needed. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable home insurance options, including our low-priced fire insurance.

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